NEWS: Workshop in Ghent streamlines case studies MESMA
Within MESMA, the management strategies of the different seas in Europe are studied in a number of case studies ranging from the Barents Sea in the very north, via the North Sea and Mediterranean, to the Black Sea.

Last week, in Ghent (Belgium) over 40 MESMA researchers from all over Europe gathered to discuss how the different case studies will be analysed in a common way. Questions that will be answered are: which legislation is present, which management plans have been made, how the areas are used by men, which nature is protected, where future wind farms are planned, how governance is applied.

participants of the Ghent workshop

All of these aspects are dealt with in the common framework, a manual how to analyse the different case studies in a similar way. Until now, the framework was very abstract document, but during the workshop, each researcher realised how the framework could be applied in each case study. MESMA coordinator Remment ter Hofstede is happy with the outcome of the workshop: "The common framework has now became alive!"

The challenge is now to create a first overview of available information for all case studies.