Port Development, Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Development

Dr Peter Jones was recently invited to present at a conference in London on ‘Marine Conservation, Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Development’.

The conference focused on exploring ways forward for balancing the conservation of marine protected areas with the need for future port developments, in order for this economically vital sector to remain competitive.

Peter’s presentation stressed the differences, particularly in terms of jurisdictional responsibilities, between marine protected areas under European and UK legislation, and discussed some key governance challenges and questions that will to need to be addressed as more marine protected areas are designated in coming years over a period when ports will need to expand.

The conference included an update from Richard Benyon, Minister for the Natural Environment, Water and Rural Affairs, and was chaired by Lord Ambrose Greenway, who is the joint chair of the All-Party Ports and Maritime Group and chaired the Joint Pre-legislative Scrutiny Committee on the Marine and Coastal Access Bill. see the tab 'Publications and Media' for the presentation