New MESMA paper: could EU marine conservation policy benfit from systematic conservation planning?

A new MESMA paper has been published based on the analyses performed in the Greek case study. MESMA has compared the results of the systematic analysis in which priority areas for conservation were identified with the existing Natura 2000 sites in terms of goal achievement, area requirements and costs. It is suggested that the use of systematic conservation planning and related computational tools could benefit the selection of European marine priority areas, especially in the context of ecosystem-based marine spatial management.

The reference is listed in the MESMA publication list.

EU project leader meeting
To stimulate cooperation between different EU project on marine spatial planning, on 4 April 2011 an EU project leader meeting was held in Amsterdam.
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NEWS: General Assembly on Malta: MESMA framework ready for testing
The systematic framework to evaluate marine spatial management plans is now ready to be tested by the 9 case studies.
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NEWS: workshop in Athens means start for online mapping tool
Data managers have discussed MESMA data infrastructure
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NEWS: MESMA flyer ready
The general MESMA flyer is now ready.
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NEWS: Workshop in Ghent streamlines case studies MESMA
Within MESMA, the management strategies of the different seas in Europe are studied in a number of case studies ranging from the Barents Sea in the very north, via the North Sea and Mediterranean, to the Black Sea.
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First MESMA newsletter ready
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In the beginning of December 2009 the MESMA kickoff meeting has taken place in the Netherlands, hosted by IMARES (IJmuiden).
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